Employee Assistance Program

Industrial-Based Prevention Programs

Since 1984 The Carolina Psychological Group, P.A. dba Carolina Centre has provided Employee Assistance Programs and services to organizations throughout eastern North Carolina. The Carolina Psychological Group, P.A. dba Carolina Centre strongly believes that the most appropriate way to keep mental health costs down and employee productivity high is through education and training.

We have identified areas that are essential in reaching this goal and offer the following special programs to our company-clients:

  • Critical Incident Debriefing
  • Conflict Management
  • Employee Selection Evaluations
  • Stress Management
  • Alcohol and Drug Awareness
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Addiction Assessments
  • Managing Troubled Employees
  • Parenting from the Work Place
  • Employee Motivation Training
  • Marital Unrest and Work Productivity
  • Individual Evaluation and Development Training for Upper Managers

Other training programs can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the employee. The commitment to education, prevention, and quality clinical intervention are never compromised at The Carolina Psychological Group, P.A. dba Carolina Centre.

The aim of the PPO/EAP/Managed Care components of The Carolina Psychological Group, P.A. dba Carolina Centre is to offer a comprehensive package of clinical and managerial consulting services that meets the specialized needs of industry and other organizations. Mental health services, education and training provided by highly trained and experienced professionals are delivered in a personal and confidential manner, but with attention to costs and efficiency for the industry or organization. The uniqueness of the The Carolina Psychological Group, P.A. dba Carolina Centre program is that all the components of today's health care concerns (quality, efficiency and costs) are available and incorporated in one personal, highly practical relationship.

The Carolina Psychological Group, P.A. dba Carolina Centre is committed to providing a managed care concept to Eastern North Carolina that is friendly, accessible, and local. Without the tiered entry process to the clinical mental health provider, our services are tailored specifically to the industry or organization, addressing only those needs unique to the organization.

Included in this comprehensive approach are services which include:

  • Direct substance abuse and mental health provider access services for employees and family members
  • Referral services to inpatient hospitals and treatment centers honoring cost effective, contractual services on a fee-for-service basis.
  • An EAP component focusing on developing an easy, friendly approach to self-referral and a structured employer oriented approach to mandatory referrals.
  • Addiction Assessments
  • On-Site Crisis Intervention and Crisis Debriefing
  • Packaged Training Programs for Orienting Employees and Training Managers to handle problematic employees
  • Specialized, On-Site Workshop Presentations
  • Posters and Newsletters
  • Specialized Executive Intervention Services for the unique needs of the upper level executive

With highly trained local professionals providing specialized clinical skills within a cost-conscious and simplified approach, The Carolina Psychological Group, P.A. dba Carolina Centre offers the answer to managed care.